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We aim to be fellow bringers of light in communities seeking joy.


We enjoy using our gifts from God to influence communities to be more connected with each other. We long to see communities in deep relationship with one another in harmony. We do this as we seek to love God and love people.

The way we do this is through supporting the resiliency and inclusiveness of communities.
Below are a list of ways we live this out.

Microchurch Residency

We enjoy developing living spaces, where God reigns, where we take the bold and inviting steps to walk as loved, chosen, free individuals through the grace of God.

Our residency, called the Duneside Boro (or DB for short), currently is in Muizenberg, where we connect intentional living and connecting with God, each other and the neighbours.

When someone leaves the residency, our hope is that they are leaving empowered in the hope and knowledge of who they are created to be, and the skills to pursue this joining in His mission.

Coaching Leaders

With our diverse and unique experiences, we have become confident and skilled at adding value to the lives of leaders.

From for-profit and non-profit governance development, strategic direction advise, digital admin and web development and more, we seek to serve our clients, as opposed to clinging on a standardised training course.

Our rich and varied relationships with many like-minded organisations means that we can often add value purely through our community!

Deep community connections

We take community members on a journey of getting to know other neighbours at a deeper and more intentional level.
Through various community groups, we train, coach, listen, eat with, having fun with community members and help realise their God-given gifts and how to effectively use them.

We also add value with other leaders and organisations through coaching, consulting and facilitation.

Pricing Packages*

per month billed yearly
Save R500
Co-curating a learning journey for success.
Mentorship of navigating the online high school experience.
Weekly small group video call with an online high school coach for accountability.
All interactions virtual except for a in-person catch up every 2 months.
per month billed yearly
Save R1000
Join a national online high schoolers support group.
Group training on best learning practices (based on neuroscience).
Coaching on how to effectively obtain a high school diploma from home.
Daily check-ins with other students.
Career planning.
per month billed yearly
Save R3600
Premium education content access and coaching experience.
Daily learning sessions with a facilitator at a learning hub.
Digital skills development (web development, coding etc).
Introduction to various internship opportunities.
Personality profiling tools for improved team working performance.

*Financial assistance options are available on application.

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**Learning hub applications and Home learner applications for 2023 are closed. We are unfortunately full at this stage. If you would like
to be considered when space opens up, please apply now and you'll be notified when we can enrol you.

Meet the community

Cameron (Junior manager): 21 years old from Rocklands Mitchell's plain. I enjoy spending time gardening. Would like to be a barista one day, God willing. I love sleeping, reading and enjoy listening to music. I am currently the manager at grace cafe and love doing parkour and going for runs.
Neal: 17 years old from Eastridge, Mitchells Plain. I enjoy spending my time gaming and gardening, and would like to be a business product innovator one day.
Rei (Intern): 19 years old from Eastridge, Mitchells Plain. I enjoy making music on my PC, doing parkour and gaming. I am doing an internship in Music Production at Exilic Music currently. And looking forward to working with G2L in future.
Kaycee: I'm 16 years old from Rocklands, Mitchells Plain. I enjoy playing cricket and would like to become an actress or voice over artist one day.
Kenesha: I'm 16 years old from Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain. I enjoy listening to music , reading and sleeping. I would like to become a social worker or an actress one day.
Gabby: 16 years old from Rocklands, Mitchells Plain. I enjoy reading and I'm not sure what career direction I want to go in but I think becoming a teacher one day would be cool.
Shelby: I'm 17 years old from Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain. I enjoy listening to music and spending time with friends. I would like to be a psychologist as a career path.
Matthew: I'm from Rocklands. I matriculated last year (2020) and I am an intern at Grace Cafe. I enjoy gaming and rapping. I make a mean cappucinno.
Liam: Hi, I'm from Westridge, Mitchell's Plain. I'm a GED student at Grace Cafe. I enjoy gaming and DJ'ing.
Courtney: Hi there, I am from Rocklands. I am a GED student at Grace Cafe. I enjoy sleeping and spending time with friends.
Nkosi: I am the Grace Cafe manager. I oversee the overall learning journey development for the students and manage the resources and logistics of the learning hub. I am also an honours student in Bachelors of Theology at GWC in Muizenberg.
Jordan: I'm 18 years old and a Grace2Learn Home student. I do all my course content from home and am involved at my local youth group.
Lene': I am 16 years old and a Grace2Learn Home student. In addition to my academic content I enjoying the computer coding classes that Grace2Learn offers.

Student Stories

Meet one of our students

Rei reflects on his journey at Grace Cafe.
Check out the video!

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Meet the facilitators

Brad Sitzer


Former practicing Electrical Engineer with 8 years multinational company experience. Masters in philosophy in inclusive innovation at UCT Graduate School of Business. 4 years experience in creating learning hubs in the Cape Flats. 4 years of Edtech experience & entrepreneurship development working for a Venture Capital  and Incubation Hub.

Dylan Groep


Some people would call me a jack-of-all-trades. I prefer adaptable. I have a background in swimming coaching and bible teaching. Graduated from BISA in 2014 with a BTh and BA(Hons) Systematic Theology from BTS (UP) in 2015. In my partnership with Grace2Learn I teach Parkour in Mitchell’s Plain with a discipleship focus. (Covid-19) has put a bit of a damper on the parkour though). I also operate as a freelancer on the G2L Digital team in the capacity of UX and Web Designer.

Len Ritchie


My name is Len Ritchie. I’m married to Christine, and we have a daughter, Riley Faith. I was trained as an accountant (BCOMPT Unisa, 2011) and work as a property developer with a number of partners. I also studied theology at George Whitefield College (BTH Honours, 2015) and am currently busy with a Masters Degree focusing on Revelation’s use of the book of Genesis. I serve at St Luke’s Church Rocklands, Mitchell’s Plain (REACH SA), and my passion is to develop the next generation of disciple-makers for Christ on the Cape Flats.

Venesch & Autumn Williams


Venesch and Autumn Williams have started White Orange Journey to partner with organisations who want to create trauma safe environments. They work with Grace Cafe to give care and workshops to the community and work with the teens in lessons about the intersection of social justice, self-care, and spirituality. They have been married for two years and view their cross-cultural and interracial relationship as an example of how to live a life of reconciliation and love.


Grace2Learn enjoys amazing partnerships with many like-minded organisations. Our relationships begin as transactional but as the relationship and trust grows, the relationships become a lot more collaborative. Below are some of our closest partners.

Meet the Funding Tribe

Grace2Learn is sustained, in part, by our community of financial supporters. They would prefer to remain anonymous but we really…really want to appreciate our tribe. We cannot do what we are doing without them. Why do they support Grace2Learn financially? Let the tribe speak for themselves…

"I am obsessed with "living out" the Gospel of Jesus Christ--not just preaching about it. Financially supporting Grace2Learn means investing in the wholistic personal and community transformation that's at the very heart of the Gospel. Brad Sitzer and the Grace2Learn team are harnessing innovation in order to empower often overlooked people to transform their own families, institutions, and communities forever. That's a movement I definitely want in on."

Ronn Elmore

Stellenbosch, South Africa
Co-Director: African Student Housing Plan

"I believe in the Biblical principle of generosity. Others donated toward my education, now I get the privilege of paying it forward."

De Wet Blomerus

Atlanta, USA
Software Engineer

"I support Grace2Learn because I have always wanted to contribute to my community in some shape or form as I believe our youth are our future and they need to be nurtured but I have never had the hours in the day to actually do so, by doing this monthly contribution I play my small part and will happily continue to do so for as long as possible. Thank you to Grace2Learn for their growth mindset and for making it possible for me to contribute."

Mary Hendricks

Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Procurement Administrator

"I am excited about social upliftment in the Cape Flats and seeing young people influenced for good. I’m also convinced that being discipled in this key stage of their growth and development is crucial so that one day they can also be catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond."

Rowan Pillay​

Cape Town
Software Dev Team Lead

"Having grown up in Mitchell's Plain and now living in a more affluent area, I can observe 2 different worlds. In general, the problem that is close to my heart is that less affluent areas struggle to capitalize on the gifts and talents of children, due to various social ills that is not present to the same extent in more affluent areas. I believe Grace2Learn is an organization that is taking on this problem and have my support."

Conroy Smith​

Cape Town
MSc Elec Engineering (UCT)
Business Development Manager for Cloud and Security Solutions.

"I decided to support G2L because it offers a learning environment currently not offered by our public schooling system.
Many learners are not well suited to traditional, classroom style learning environment. Students often get lost in the system and do not reach their full potential simply because their specific learning needs are not being met due to the classroom sizes or because they are disengaged by the content being taught.
At G2L students are able to complete their high schooling, by obtaining a GED  using interactive techniques and having access to learning platforms that they would not otherwise have access to. Together with the facilitators, learners set their own learning goals, choose to study content that interests them and learn at their own pace (with learning targets being measured regularly).
Learners get so much more from G2L than simply a "qualification". G2L's programmes are aimed ensuring that students become well rounded individuals as it understands, and teaches, the importance of having a healthy mind, body and spirit.
The fact that G2L offers their programmes in under-resourced communities like Mitchells Plain was also very appealing to me as I am a product of the Cape Flats and I believe that with an education and the broadening our kids' minds that they can reach their full potential and rise above their circumstances."

Claudia Gravenorst​

Cape Town, South Africa
Chairperson of Grace2Learn Board
Senior Tax Manager

"Having worked for Grace2Learn previously I know the mission and how committed the team are to creating change in the local community. The work they do is truly empowering and I believe we need more of it on the Cape Flats. I choose to support Grace2Learn because I want the work they do to continue and grow."

Carlo Bam

Mitchells Plain, Cape Town

Grace2Learn is a community oriented initiative. Our goal and passion is to see young people grow and mature into well-rounded members of their communities. As such, we want to make sure that this opportunity is accessible to any committed youth. Your partnership can help eliminate the financial barrier to a successful future.

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Meet the Board

The Grace2Learn board consists of a young, focused, intelligent, and bold team of leaders and professionals. They give of their time and resources to help formulate the Grace2Learn mission, assist with funding networks and hold the Managing Director accountable for all governance and strategic matters.

Claudia Gravenorst​

Cape Town, South Africa
Chairperson of Grace2Learn Board
Senior Tax Manager

Carlo Bam

Cape Town, South Africa
Administrator of Grace2Learn Board
Human Resource Management Professional

Faith Damon

Cape Town, South Africa
Treasurer of Grace2Learn Board
Accounting Professional

Brad Sitzer

Cape Town, South Africa
Delegate of Grace2Learn Board
Community Developer

Grace2Learn is a community oriented initiative. Our goal and passion is to see young people grow and mature into well-rounded members of their communities. As such, we want to make sure that this opportunity is accessible to any committed youth. Your partnership can help eliminate the financial barrier to a successful future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We are a social enterprise operating in the Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha and surrounding areas. We have been operating since 2017 offering an online high schooling certification.


Check out our Pricing Packages section.


We are based in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain.


Yes, our programme is a SAQA accredited curriculum where a student received an NQF level 4 matric equivalent certificate on passing all 4 exams.

Do you have an online only option if we can't attend the building?

Yes, we have an online only option where you connect with us via video calls and do all sessions from your own space.

What is your email address? I want to ask you a question not answered in the FAQ's.

We don't have a dedicated person monitoring emails for general enquiries. Sign up for our communications and you'll be able to ask any questions after reading through our communications.

What happens if I want to send my child but we cannot afford it?

We have payment plans available and offer discounts where possible. This would be determined if your application is successful on a case by case basis.

I am an adult and wanting to do my Matric equivalent certification. Can I do it with you?

Yes, you can! It does depend what you want to do after getting your matric equivalent certificate though. Sign up for our communications then we'll give more important info. You would be able to do it while working full-time and wanting to study in the evenings/weekends.

How do I apply if I'm interested or have more questions?

Subscribe to our newsletter. This will allow you to apply as well as give you an option to ask more questions.