We are honoured to support resilient communities in difficult circumstances.

Our work with communities centres around engaging with community members to better understand their purpose and calling in life. These are individuals who are intent on creating a better sense of community. This intention takes us on very interesting journeys!

We get to work closely with some amazing organisations especially for now in Muizenberg but also in the past in Mitchells Plain and other places in Cape Town. Currently this work includes consulting at UCT, with the Social Enterprise Academy and doing individual leadership coaching sessions with clients. We also empower youth to learn tech skills and use these newly found skills at non-profits on a voluntary basis. The projects are small and yet impactful. Our small size allows for agility to respond to the need on the ground. We do both free consultations and top tier consultancy engagements.

As we walk the streets and settle into our microchurch life in Muizenberg, we are collecting many stories on the ground. We hope to capture some of those stories below :)

Also below is a picture gallery of some of  our many experiences in the past few years. Keep an eye out for new podcast episodes specifically relating to and from the community.


Listen to beautiful stories from our community.