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Never before has it been so easy to help others who are doing good in the world.

See ways you could get involved below!

Funders and Volunteers

Grace2Learn achieves its mission, in part, through the fuel that are funders and volunteers

We know that people are busy with work and life. We also know many people have a deep desire to use their free-time to serve the community in a meaningful way. Many are uncertain how to do this though and they do not wish to start something from scratch.

This is where G2L comes in! We provide training to become a mentor, facilitate education sessions, and many other activities. We create opportunities for you to serve and serve effectively. This is often very different to how you might have served the community previously, but we do believe it is very effective!

Levels of Engagement

Different people have different ways they want to get involved. Grace2Learn also has different needs.
Please note that Grace2Learn is a registered non-profit and have B-BBBEE micro-enterprise level 1 status.

See Grace2Learn's needs below and how you can get involved!

1. Financial Contribution

You can choose the once-off amount you want to give by entering the amount below. Click below to choose a once off donation or monthly (preferred). Thank you! Our largest specific needs are salaries, student exam fees, software subscriptions and rent.

Once-off donation
R2,000 Monthly donation
R500 Monthly donation
R200 Monthly donation
R100 Monthly donation

International Donors


2. Acts of service

We have a great need for educational and technical expertise. We have an active online community of people helping us remotely, from the comfort of their homes. From Maths and Science tutoring, reading and comprehension, IT networking assistance, mentorship, the list goes on. Fill out this form if you are interested in having a conversation about how you might get involved.

3. Online community

If you'd like to learning more about our revolutionary methods and approaches, reach out to us at info @ and join our closed, member only online community.

Funding Needs

We welcome once-off or monthly/annual giving. Below are our current monthly needs to reach sustainability in addition to all the income generating activities we do :)

Our Takealot Wishlist

Are you wanting to contribute to our growing Microchurch residency needs? Buy directly from Takealot and deliver to us! Buying these items help us as we help others.

Check out our wish list link here!